About Us

Why choose Mann Learning Community?

  • A committed and dedicated faculty.
  • Attention to the academic and social curriculum requisite for learning.
  • A supportive parent community.

Mann Learning Community is a small school with a reputation for excellence and service to both students and the community, located in Northwest Detroit, we offer a challenging curriculum and highly-qualified staff in a safe and warm environment.  Most of our students live in the neighborhood and walk to school every day.

Visitors are welcome.  Please call ahead to schedule a day and time.  We look forward to meeting you and working with your child.

The school has a rich tradition of challenging its students and provides an inviting atmosphere for parents, including activities such as Kindergarten Literacy Workshops, Family Literacy Night and Family Science Night.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a technology-rich, safe, welcoming learning community in which parents, students, and teachers work together within a rigorous academic environment to develop responsible, life-long learners.

Our Mission

The mission of Mann Learning Community, a premier elementary school, is to develop high achieving, responsible, respectful students through a data-driven learning center with a technology-rich curriculum guided by dedicated staff who will ensure that students function successfully at each grade level in a working partnership with all stakeholders.  Every child will learn at Mann School!

The staff of approximately 59 teachers, support staff, volunteers, custodians and engineers work hard to create a welcoming environment for all students, parents, and community members. Each staff member plays a pivotal role in helping students to succeed academically. We are a school on the move!

Our Offerings

Mann Learning Community offers, Extended Day and Year Programs that include more time for learning and tutoring, Accelerated Reading/Math, World In Motion Robotics/Stem Science , Chess, Girls Scouts/Boy Scouts, Honor Society, Book Club, Special Olympics, Fruit and Veggie Program, School Garden, Basketball, Cheerleading, Step Team, 21St Century Program,  Student Government, Volunteer Reading Corps and Business Corps, Conflict Resolution, Student Teaching, Community/Civic Group Mentoring.

High Quality Pre-Kindergarten

We offer a high quality early learning experience for special needs and general education students 4 years of age by November 1. Detroit Public Schools’ Pre-K classroom curriculum is aligned with the National Early Childhood Standards and Michigan State Board of Education’s Early Childhood Standards of Quality


More information about Pre-K programs

Bell Schedule

Morning Afternoon Half Day
Mon–Thur 8:30 AM 3:40 PM 11:45 AM
Wednesday 8:30 AM 2:40PM