Principal’s Post


From The Principal’s Desk

It is my great privilege and pleasure to be Principal of Mann Learning Community   It goes without saying that it is also an incredible responsibility to lead a school with such a history in nurturing and producing so many talented young people.

I enjoy many things about Mann Learning Community.

I enjoy working with intelligent young people who are individuals, but who have a sense of belonging to our community, and who have a social conscience.

I enjoy working in a community which respects and has pride in its heritage, a community which is harmonious and respects each individual.  Students come from many diverse learning situations, and we at Mann are committed to working in this community where academic excellence is valued and expected as the very fabric of every day school life.

I enjoy working with students and staff who have ideas and are eager to share those ideas to ensure the school is at the cutting edge of education.

We at Mann will maintain our schools traditions, but will ensure that the school is a leader in education in the twenty first century and beyond.

There are many more great programs to come at Mann.

Educationally Yours,

Gwendolyn Frencher